Water temperature simulation during summer low flow conditions in the Danube basin

The proposed project is oriented on long-term variability and long-term trends of water temperature of selected rivers in different regions of Danube basin (high mountains, highlands, lowlands) and along the Danube River. Multiple regression technique will be used for analysis of relations between water temperature and influencing factors (low and high discharge conditions, increasing atmospheric temperature, anthropogenic activity in basin, etc.). The multiregresion simulation and stochastic forecasting models (Box Jenkins models, ARIMA, SARIMA) of water temperature will be developed for selected rivers. These models will be used for simulation of the water temperature of selected rivers according to different discharge, and air temperature scenarios. One of the expected results is the scientific base for method of water quality classification according the water temperature of water bodies in Danube basin for implementation of WFD 2000/60/EC. The results of the project will be summarized in common monograph of the project team.

Česko: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC

Nemecko: IHP/HWRP-Sekretariat, Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde, Koblenz, GERMANY

Rumunsko: National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Srbsko: Republic Hydrometeorological Institute Serbia, Belgrade, SERBIA

Slovensko: Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Bratislava

Slovinsko: University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana,

Ukrajina: Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Research Institute, Kyiv,