Project VEGA 2/0010/11

Sensitivity of the river water temperature of the Slovak rivers to hydrologic extremes and climate variability

January 2011 - December 2014

Project leader: RNDr. Pavla Pekárová, DrSc

The proposed project is oriented on long-term variability and long-term trends of water temperature of selected rivers in different regions of Slovakia (high mountains, highlands, lowlands) including the Danube River. The analysis will be based on weighted mean annual water temperature, calculated from measured daily discharge and measured daily water temperature. The data will be used from both SHMI archive and IH SAS experimental basins. Multiple regression technique will be used for analysis of relations between water temperature and influencing factors. The multiregression simulation and stochastic forecasting models of water temperature will be developed for selected Slovak rivers. These models will be used for simulation of the water temperature of selected Slovak rivers according to different discharge scenarios. One of the expected results is the scientific base of water quality classification according to water temperature of the water bodies in Slovakia for implementation of WFD 2000/60/EC.